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How renting a Van Can Benefit Your Business!

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Are you starting or do you have a business that requires vans for transporting goods or passengers? From courier companies to refurbishment and food distribution businesses, there are various projects that rent vans, rather than owning their own fleet.

Discover the benefits of renting cargo and/or passenger vans and enjoy a flexible service that helps control costs and expenses, boosting your business.

After reading this article, you'll have answers to the following questions:

  • What are the advantages of renting a van?
  • Which businesses benefit from van rental?
  • How to rent the right van for your business? (4 tips!)
  • Where to rent a van at a good price?

What are the advantages of renting a van?

Unlike owning a fixed fleet, renting vans allows you to quickly respond to customer needs, provide tailored service, and expand your service offerings. It turns hefty annual fixed costs into variable ones, only incurring when there's a need for mobility. Discover the main advantages.


Flexibility and diversity

By renting vans, you always have a diverse fleet at your disposal. You can rent passenger vans, cargo transport vans, and even specialized vehicles with specific features, such as refrigeration for transporting perishable items.

Moreover, you can switch the model based on each project and maintain the rental only as long as you need that solution. Hence, with no constraints of owning a fleet, no job is off-limits.

Budget control

With an owned fleet, in addition to financing expenses, you bear costs such as insurance, taxes, maintenance checks, and periodic inspections.

However, with rentals, these concerns are off your plate. You just cover the rental cost, simplifying your business's budget management.

Expense reduction

If you own vehicles, it's your responsibility to keep them operational and maintain regular checks. Unexpected breakdowns can arise, along with repair expenses.

In contrast, when you rent vans, these expenses are covered by the rental company. If a vehicle breaks down, just swap it out and continue your work without waiting for repairs.

What types of businesses can benefit from van rental?


Given the advantages outlined, choosing to rent vans can assist in expanding various types of businesses. Here are some examples.

Courier company

Renting vans can increase the capacity for delivering larger volumes, reach multiple locations simultaneously, and manage needs based on varying workloads.

Cleaning and sanitization service

Performing cleaning services (for condos, offices, or businesses) requires transporting equipment and products, and in some cases, teams of more than 3 people. Renting cargo and passenger vans allows adaptation to each service.

Educational, cultural, and sports centres

Renting 9-seater vans or cargo vans is a sound solution for specific needs, especially since these projects often work on tight budgets requiring controlled fixed expenses.

Interior refurbishment and decoration projects

Choose the right van for each project, considering cargo capacity (weight and size) and vehicle efficiency. Afterward, end the rental or swap for another more suitable van for the next project.

Hospitality sector or sales teams

Renting estate vans can be the perfect solution for businesses requiring additional space without compromising on style and comfort. These vans are ideal for sales teams transporting samples, event teams needing promotional materials, or even for hotels offering premium transport services to their guests.

How to rent the right van for your business? 4 tips!

Now that you understand the benefits and which businesses can profit, here's how to rent the right van.

1- Define your needs

List your vehicle requirements (cargo and passenger capacity), calculate the rental duration, and decide on the model type you need.

2- Compare market options

Search online for "rent a van" and compare various market options.

3- Read testimonials and reviews

While comparing and evaluating costs, also check customer reviews to better understand the company.

4- Verify what the rental includes

This tip is crucial to avoid surprises! Before renting ensure the rental price includes everything you need.

Where to rent a van at a good price?


Now that you're aware of how businesses can benefit from van rentals and the steps to rent the right van, all you need is a good price!

At Drivalia, we combine over 30 years of experience in the automotive mobility sector with a customer-centric approach. We offer a diverse fleet of vans for rent, ready to cater to all your business needs. Our transparency and simplicity in the process ensure a top-notch rental service.

For those running a company and seeking a customized mobility solution, Drivalia offers the Corporate Service. This is an exclusive service for business clients addressing the unique needs of companies, ensuring flexibility and added benefits for long-term vehicle rentals.

Book your Drivalia van now!

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