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Pick-up Rental: The Secret to Exploring Portugal on an Off-Road Adventure!

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Ready for an epic adventure in Portugal? Discover the most incredible spots for camping and outdoor activities - surfing, paragliding, diving, trekking, climbing, rappelling, fishing, and more!

To carry everything you need for your adventure and explore limitless paths, the secret lies in pick-up rentals.

With the keys in your hand, get ready for thrilling experiences in Portugal! What to expect:

  • Breathtaking landscapes: sea, mountains, and plains;
  • Exciting trails and activities;
  • Campsites illuminated by the stars;
  • Nature observation in its purest state!

In this article, you'll learn the advantages of pick-up rentals in Portugal for challenging experiences and camping! Also, find out the best destinations for your adventures and why you should rent with Drivalia!

Discover the Advantages of Pick-up Rentals in Portugal

Pick-ups are vehicles designed for both passengers and cargo, providing perfect conditions for adventure and extreme sports enthusiasts to transport camping, surfing, and kayaking gear.


For many adventurers, camping or outdoor sports are an escape from routine.

However, owning a 4x4 van is out of the question due to high costs.

Drivalia offers a diverse fleet, allowing you to rent pick-ups and other less common models!


Cargo Capacity

These vehicles offer the necessary space for all your gear!

If you plan to camp along the Portuguese coast for some surfing, renting a pick-up gives you space for tents, food, kitchen utensils, surfboards, wetsuits, and other equipment.

It can carry heavy and bulky loads without damaging your gear.


Nothing beats driving a vehicle that provides security, comfort, and off-road capabilities!

More than just transportation, the pick-up will be your companion on the roads, beaches, and mountains of Portugal, where you'll encounter rough terrains from dirt roads to sand or gravel.

Whatever the terrain conditions—rain, wind, or radiant sun—nothing will hinder your journey!

This is the perfect mobility solution for those visiting Portugal, whether for an adventurous getaway or a reconnection with nature!

Discover the 8 Best Camping and Adventure Destinations in Portugal

Camping means the freedom to explore nature and engage in various outdoor activities, such as:

  • Extreme sports: surfing, windsurfing, paragliding, rafting, and climbing;
  • Mountain climbing and rappelling;
  • Hiking and biking;
  • Diving and marine life observation.

Now, behind the wheel of your pick-up, explore Portugal. From the coastal areas to the mountains, rivers to the Alentejo plains, it's challenging to decide where to begin!

Let us help you with that.

Peneda-Gerês National Park


Rent your pick-up at Drivalia in Braga and spend some days surrounded by nature in this national park located in the north of the country. From simple to challenging trails, there are several routes available to explore mountainous landscapes, rivers, streams, and waterfalls!

Ideal for:

  • Hiking and biking;
  • Climbing and rappelling;
  • Canoeing, rafting, and fishing.

Several camping options are available, including one of the best campsites in the region, Lima Escape Camping and Glamping, for a unique experience!

2. Serra da Estrela


The highest point in mainland Portugal is in the Serra da Estrela. A mountainous region of valleys and mountains, offering views of rivers, lakes, and small streams.

This is another excellent camping and adventure destination!

For direct contact with the biodiversity that nature offers, settle in one of the most beautiful glamping parks in Portugal, in Gardunha.

Prepare for:

  • Hiking, trekking, and climbing;
  • Winter sports: skiing and snowboarding.

Take the opportunity to explore the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, from gastronomy to shepherd-related habits and customs.

TIP: Consider renting a pick-up to visit the picturesque Shale villages located in the Serra do Açor (about 50 km from Serra da Estrela - Torre).

3. Nazaré


Head to the coast and discover the famous beach of Nazaré, where the world's largest wave was recorded!

From its high cliffs, you can see giant waves and a magnificent sunset!

In this small village that attracts surfers from around the world, you can also try:

  • Paragliding;
  • Windsurfing.

For a complete experience, consider camping in one of the campsites overlooking the sea and explore the beaches of Nazaré behind the wheel of your pick-up.

4. Peniche


Peniche hosts some stages of the world surf championship, especially at the well-known Supertubos Beach!

Another camping and adventure destination with a range of beaches with perfect waves for surfing and bodyboarding:

  • Almagreira Beach;
  • Belgas Beach;
  • Porto Batel;
  • North Beach;
  • Medão Beach;
  • Atouguia da Baleia.

But Peniche is also great for diving! Take a trip to Berlengas Island and explore the vast marine life and crystal-clear waters.

At the end of the day, camp in one of the parks near the beaches and relax with the sea breeze!

5. Ericeira


If you arrive in Lisbon by plane, rent your pick-up at the airport and head to Ericeira, a World Surf Reserve!

Less than 50 minutes from the capital, be amazed by the beautiful coastal landscapes and camp near the beach!

Get ready for various activities:

  • Surfing;
  • Bodyboarding;
  • Windsurfing;
  • Kitesurfing;
  • Fishing.

In addition to water sports, you can also hike and appreciate the natural beauty of this coastal area.

6. Serra da Arrábida


This location offers the best of both worlds: mountains and sea! A marvel of nature for outdoor enthusiasts, camping, and exploration.

Ideal for:

  • Camping and exploring nature;
  • Hiking the mountain trails;
  • Diving, surfing, and snorkeling;
  • Climbing and rappelling.

Rocky landscapes and Mediterranean vegetation hide trails to paradise beaches. Take advantage of your pick-up rental to drive in these terrains and discover exclusive places!

7. Alqueva


Home to the largest artificial lake in Europe, Alqueva is a sought-after destination for campers and adventurers.

Rent a 4x4 van at Drivalia in Évora and immerse yourself in the panoramic landscapes of this place, where you can engage in nautical activities like:

  • Sailing;
  • Canoeing;
  • Fishing.

Enjoy authorized wild camping areas along the shores of Lake Alqueva, providing direct access to the water and a complete experience.

During the day, observe the diversity of birds and their activities in their natural habitat. And at night, contemplate the starry sky and unveil the constellations.

8. Costa Vicentina


Now, head to the southwest coast of Portugal, from the Alentejo coast (Odeceixe) to the Algarve (Burgau).

A true paradise of wild beaches with strong waves, cliffs, and a natural environment!

This region has a lot to offer:

  • Camping in natural parks (along the coast);
  • Fishing and water sports: surfing and bodyboarding;
  • Trails along the coast for hiking and biking;
  • Secluded beaches to discover and relax;
  • Nature observation in its purest state.

From sandbanks to narrow roads along the cliffs, the best way to explore the Costa Vicentina is with a pick-up rental! The off-road vehicle allows you to overcome obstacles and enjoy the tranquility of unique places.

Get ready for the adventure and rent your pick-up with Drivalia!


Embarking on an adventure on the roads of Portugal is much easier and more fun behind the wheel of a pick-up!

With the rental of these vans you can:

  • Carry the equipment and materials you need for your adventure;
  • Explore paths and get up close with nature.

Feel the freedom of driving on the scenic roads of this country, discover hidden places, and tackle challenging routes!

Count on Drivalia to rent your pick-up easily and quickly. In the market for over 30 years, we know how to ensure memorable experiences to make the most of every moment of your journey!

The quality of our service includes:

  • Presence from north to south of the country in our Mobility Stores;
  • Personalized service and support;
  • Modern and diverse vehicle fleet: from pick-ups, minivans, and station wagons to electric and luxury cars;
  • Extras in vehicle rental, for example, automatic toll payment or conditional car delivery and collection service.

So, have you chosen your destination? Start preparing for your next adventure and travel safely!

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