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How to rent a car at Lisbon Airport? Find the best solution for your trip!

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Do you already have a flight booked to Lisbon? Renting a car at Lisbon Airport is an excellent solution for moving around the city freely and exploring other places in the surrounding area, whether it's a business trip or leisure.

We've prepared this article to help you understand the advantages of renting a car in Lisbon, how it works, and what the best option is for you. See how easy it is to make a reservation!

Are there advantages to renting a car at Lisbon Airport!


Without a doubt! Especially if Lisbon is just the starting point for discovering other places in the country.

This way, you avoid carrying your luggage on public transportation or waiting for a taxi at every place you visit! Besides convenience and comfort, you have the freedom to move around without pre-established schedules and without rushing.

How to find the best car rental company at Lisbon Airport?


If you are planning a trip to Lisbon, in addition to researching places to stay, where to eat, what to visit, flights, and costs, it's important to explore the conditions of car rental companies and make comparisons.

You can search for "car rental Lisbon Airport". In addition to analyzing customer reviews and ratings, we advise you to check the following:

  • Credibility of the company in the market: how many years have they been operating?
  • Quality and versatility of the fleet.
  • Availability of early and online booking.
  • Prices and included services (insurance, transfer, toll system, among others).

Tip: Look for car rental companies located near the airport, like Drivalia. Usually, the rental price is lower, and they offer a transfer service between the airport and the vehicle pick-up location. This also avoids the long lines that often form at car rental counters inside the airport when planes arrive with hundreds of passengers.

What do you need to know before renting a car at Lisbon Airport

1. Necessary Documentation

Depending on the rental company and the type of car, there may be minimum age limits higher than the legal driving age for their vehicles. In some cases, a young driver fee may apply.

Except for special vehicles, at Drivalia, the minimum age for driving their cars is 25 years. However, depending on the car group, Drivalia offers vehicles for drivers aged 20 and above with a young driver fee.

When picking up the vehicle, you will typically need to present:

  • Personal identification (citizen card and/or passport).
  • Valid driver's license.
  • Credit card for the deposit.

Your driving experience may also be relevant. Some car rental companies require a minimum of one year of driving experience. It's advisable to inquire in advance about this requirement, as well as the minimum age.

2. Fuel and Mileage Policies

Read all the clauses of the contract before renting a car at Lisbon Airport and check the following:

Fuel Policies:

Full or empty tank - confirm how to return the vehicle and any additional costs if you don't have time to refuel to avoid surprises with extra charges.


Unlimited - no additional costs per kilometer and total freedom of driving.

Limited - a certain number of kilometers is included for the rental period, and if exceeded, an additional fee will be charged.

3. Returning the Car to a Different Location

If you plan a trip to the main cities in the country, check if the car rental company you chose has more stores. It may be more convenient to opt for returning the vehicle to a different location.

4. Tips for Driving in Lisbon

Lisbon is a city with traffic from morning to night! Therefore, here are some tips to make your driving easier:

  • Traffic: Avoid rush hours, in the morning when people are going to work (7:30-9:00) and in the afternoon when they return home (17:30-19:00).
  • Parking: Parking in Lisbon is almost always paid. We recommend areas away from the city center with green or yellow rates, which are the most economical.
  • Outskirts: Almada, Cascais, Mafra, and other historic towns have lighter traffic and free parking.
  • Rules: Portugal follows the road traffic rules of the European Union. Therefore, if you come from a non-European country, it's advisable to check the traffic rules before renting a car at Lisbon Airport.
  • Via Verde: By joining the automatic toll payment system, available at Drivalia, you can move faster without stopping at toll booths. In addition, you travel without worries about SCUTS (virtual tolls) and possible fines for delayed payments.

How to rent an affordable car at Lisbon Airport?

It's important to note that the cheapest price isn't always the best. You need to check what's included and if the service is suitable for your needs. So, to find the best prices, take note of the following advice:

  • Book in advance: You have time to compare prices, take advantage of promotions, and choose the right solution.
  • Add essential extras: Including extras in your Lisbon airport car rental can reduce additional expenses. For example, adding glass coverage insurance to avoid unexpected charges.
  • Rent off-peak: During the summer months, there's an increased demand for car rentals at Lisbon Airport, and as a result, prices are higher. If possible, avoid renting a car during the peak season, and you'll have more vehicles to select from at more inviting prices.

What are the most suitable rental cars for driving in Lisbon?

There are various car models to match the style of travel you're planning. You can choose from different categories at Lisbon Airport car rental: compact, economy, electric, minivan, luxury, among others. Here are some practical examples:

Family vacation


Renting a minivan can be an excellent option as it can accommodate up to 7 passengers.

Business commitments


For business trips, it may be interesting to opt for a hybrid or electric car, especially if you want to impress clients or partners and take them out for lunch in style. At Drivalia, you can rent cars at Lisbon Airport or other mobility stores with this type of vehicle.

Fun trip with friends


You can opt for economy car models. These are city cars, easy to park and drive in Lisbon traffic. This way, you can save on your trip without skimping on fun!

Romantic getaway


Is your trip just for two? How about a drive along the Tagus River in a convertible car to impress your significant other? Within this category, you can choose from sporty or classic models.

Now that you've chosen the perfect car, check out the best routes to explore from Lisbon Airport!

Charming Sintra: A Romantic Day Trip


If fairy tales existed, this is where everything would happen! About 30 minutes from Lisbon, Sintra is a magical setting of palaces and lush gardens.

A visit to the majestic Pena Palace, which illuminates the Sintra hills with its yellow and red tones, is a must! Discover the royal chambers, the Manueline cloister, and the grand hall. Awaken your emotions on the romantic and colorful streets or at the mysterious Quinta da Regaleira, and let your imagination flow in this enchanted hill!

The Portuguese Riviera - Cascais: A Seaside Destination


For this trip, we recommend renting a convertible car at Lisbon Airport to travel along the Tagus River in style and enjoy the wonderful scenery that ends with the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

Explore all the corners of Cascais, the village that served as a refuge for various international personalities during World War II and inspired Ian Fleming, the author of James Bond stories! Enjoy the white sandy beaches, admire palaces and mansions, or savor lunch at one of the beautiful and elegant restaurants overlooking the sea!

The Blessing of Christ the King: A Stop on the Other Side of the Tagus!


The Christ the King sanctuary was inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil, after a visit by the Patriarch of Lisbon in 1934. Besides being an essential place for the devout, it's a stunning work from which you can admire the beauty of Greater Lisbon! Take the opportunity to visit the Contemporary Art Center in Almada, at Casa da Cerca, and if you head down to Cacilhas, you can enjoy tasty fresh fish or divine seafood!

Historic Évora: A Journey through the Alentejo


Renting a car at Lisbon Airport is definitely worthwhile; in less than two hours, you'll be in Évora! The 1st-century Roman Temple left by the Roman Empire is just the beginning of the story of this ancient Lusitanian city.

We invite you to stroll along the cobbled streets and visit the impressive religious heritage with churches, palaces, and convents. Enter the largest medieval cathedral in Portugal, the Évora Cathedral, and immerse yourself in the richness of its cloisters and the museum of sacred art. For the grand finale, climb the high towers and enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of Évora!

These are just four suggestions, but there's more to explore from Lisbon (less than an hour away):

  • Mafra and the beaches of Ericeira;
  • Palmela and Azeitão: wine region;
  • Azenhas do Mar and the beautiful Praia das Maçãs;
  • Cabo da Roca and Praia da Ursa;
  • Arrábida Natural Park and Sesimbra.

Start preparing for your arrival in Lisbon now!

Renting a car at Lisbon Airport offers numerous advantages, from convenience upon arrival in the freedom to explore nearby routes and destinations, without worries about waiting times and transportation schedules or taxis!

We remind you that by making an early reservation, you can benefit from:

  • Lower prices;
  • Better conditions;
  • Peace of mind.

By choosing Drivalia, you opt for a trusted and high-quality service with over 30 years of experience in the car mobility sector. With a straightforward rental process, a diverse and modern vehicle fleet, and personalized support service, we ensure the safety and comfort of your trip!

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