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Action and glamour in Lisbon: Rental cars that turn your trip into a movie

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If you're a lover of the seventh art, Lisbon is the perfect city for you! Let's embark together on an intriguing journey through the capital of Portugal! Join us as we navigate the winding streets paved with stories as old as time, always with the backdrop of the blue Tejo River and the Atlantic.

Lisbon's unique light illuminates the scene. Imagine yourself renting an Italian-style car and cruising through the streets of the Portuguese capital with sophistication and elegance. Are you ready? Action!

Lisbon - The Perfect Stage for Your Adventure

Lisbon is not just a city; it's a cinematic set waiting for its protagonist. With a charming blend of tradition and modernity, Lisbon invites visitors to get lost in its intriguing narrow streets, lively squares, and bustling markets. And who's the perfect partner for this journey? We recommend renting an economical Fiat 500 or booking a luxurious Maserati. Whether you're on a budget or looking for luxury, these are two charming Italian models ideal for exploring the city of seven hills.

Rent a Fiat 500 - The Small Screen Giant


When looking to rent a vehicle to explore Lisbon, the convertible Fiat 500 is the perfect choice! This little Italian car is the right companion for your story in the Portuguese capital. The size of the Fiat 500 not only complements its vintage appearance worthy of a classic film but also makes it easy to navigate Lisbon's narrow and winding streets. Its compact and charming size also makes it perfect for easy parking on the busy city streets.

Scene: Lisbon - Lights, Camera, Action!


As soon as you have the key to the Fiat 500 in your hand, it's as if you're on a movie set, and the director shouts "action!" The agility and ease of parking of this vehicle make it the ideal car to rent and visit points of interest like the historic Alfama district or the vibrant Bairro Alto. Head up to the Graça viewpoint and enjoy the panoramic view of Lisbon. Take a break at the ancient Lisbon Cathedral and savor the local cuisine in a cozy Fado restaurant. In the comfort of your convertible Fiat 500, cruise the hills of Lisbon and discover all its charms.

Feel the pulse of the city as you explore the Baixa, the vibrant core of Lisbon. In the Commerce Square, the bustling Augusta Street, or D. Pedro IV Square, better known as Rossio, you'll find the elegance of downtown Lisbon. If the weather is good, lower the convertible top, put on your sunglasses, and stroll along the Tagus River between the Parque das Nações and the Belém Tower. Finish your ride with a coffee and a custard tart.

Maserati - The Leading Man in a Grand Adventure


Is your style of travel different? Perhaps you prefer to smell the salty sea breeze of the Atlantic and hear the roar of a powerful engine. If you said yes, renting a Maserati will be the right choice to discover Lisbon and its surroundings!

Rent a Car for a Cinematic Drive in Cascais


Renting a car, specifically a Maserati, is like having a winning ticket to an unforgettable cinematic experience, especially if the backdrop is the picturesque village of Cascais.

Feel the power of your Maserati as you drive along the stunning coastline, making strategic stops. Include in your itinerary the Santa Marta lighthouse, a historic structure that offers panoramic views of the village and the ocean - the perfect spot for a contemplative or romantic scene. Don't miss exploring Boca do Inferno, a breathtaking natural setting that adds an extra dose of drama and beauty to your journey.

Continue your journey to the charming village of Estoril, famous for its beaches and the iconic Estoril Casino, which has been featured in James Bond films. The glamour of your Maserati fits perfectly into the sophisticated atmosphere of Estoril, providing moments worthy of a spy thriller.

In Search of Enchanted Sintra


Your adventure in Lisbon seems to be coming to an end, but not without exploring Sintra first. This magical village near the capital is the perfect setting for a road trip. What must you visit in Sintra? Magical places like the Pena Palace, Seteais Palace, or Quinta da Regaleira, all match the vintage charm of your Fiat 500 or the royal elegance of a Maserati.

Cut! Your Lisbon Odyssey Comes to an End

And so, we reach the end! After so many incredible experiences and memorable scenes, it's time to return the vehicle and say "cut." But remember, Lisbon is always ready for another sequel! In every vehicle you rent, there's always a new story waiting to be told.

But how can you turn this movie into reality? Not sure which vehicle is right for you? Drivalia is the casting director with over 30 years of experience in car rental and a wide range of cars suitable for any plot.

Ready to take the stage? Lights, camera, action, Lisbon!

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