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Winter Travel Tips with Kids: Rent a Car and Create Memorable Experiences!

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During winter, Portugal unveils itself as a charming family destination. The weather is cooler but still mild compared to other European countries.

So, rent a car and take the kids on a journey through the stunning landscapes and fun activities we reveal in this article!

Also, read our tips for smooth driving!

Renting the Perfect Car for Traveling with Kids

Renting a car in Portugal means freedom! It's a small country, making it easy to explore behind the wheel!


However, when traveling with kids, comfort is crucial. Make sure to ensure:

  • Spacious trunk;
  • Room for stretching legs (and arms);
  • Ample seats for placing child car seats;
  • Comfortable seats and upholstery for little naps;
  • Entertainment accessories (USB connections, tablet or smartphone holders).

Therefore, Drivalia's car rental ensures that you find not just a means of transportation but a true adventure companion.

For example, choose the rental of a spacious and comfortable minivan for large families or embark on an adventure in a more robust SW (station wagon) model!


Remember the Extras!

Drivalia cars come equipped to offer a comfortable journey. Additionally, you can include some extras in the vehicle rental, such as:

  • GPS and automatic toll payment (Via Verde) to avoid unnecessary stops;
  • Child seats to ensure everyone travels safely.

With the car ready, it's time to discover Portugal in winter!

Family-Friendly Activities for Cold Days in Portugal


We suggest renting 7-seater cars, for example, to take the kids and explore the Shale Villages.

Picturesque and full of history, they are a journey through traditional Portugal.

And in winter, the charming scenery of these villages is complemented by the smell of wood burning to warm the houses or food cooked by the fireplace.

Now, see other activities we have selected for you!

Places in Portugal to Visit

Serra da Estrela

The highest point in Portugal is a paradise in winter. Snow activities are guaranteed, and kids love it.


More than a National Park, it is a magical setting of lakes and wildlife. In winter, the charm is even greater. Pick-up car rentals are ideal for this trip!

Podence - Aldeia transmontana

Transmontana Village: This village has a unique tradition, the "Caretos"! Masked and playful figures roam the streets entertaining both kids and adults with their antics.


A mystical village full of tradition. Land of elves, fairies, and other mythical figures, which gain special charm in winter.

Óbidos (Vila Natal)

The Christmas spirit lasts throughout the season. A magical experience for the little ones.

TIP: Rent a car and explore the most Christmas-themed places in Portugal!

Parks and Outdoor Spaces

Winter sun is a gift in Portugal and should be enjoyed. Have you considered winter picnics? Yes, they are an option!

  • City Park in Porto: a beautiful countryside landscape in the heart of the city;
  • Monsanto Forest Park in Lisbon: a vast area of trails with viewpoints, playground, and picnic areas;
  • Dinosaur Park in Lourinhã: a journey into the fantastic world of dinosaurs.

Indoor Fun

For when the rain insists on staying, there are solutions!

Rent a car and visit museums, exhibitions, and other amazing places like:

  • Lisbon Oceanarium: o dive into the ocean without leaving the city. Unmissable!
  • Knowledge Pavilion in Lisbon: offers science and fun.
  • Sea Life Porto: an immersive experience through the marine world!

TIP: For meals, choose cozy taverns or traditional restaurants; the food is tastier and awakens children's taste buds.

Winter Driving Tips in Portugal


In Portugal, winter can be tricky on some roads, especially in mountainous areas, where snow and ice are common.

Therefore, drive with caution, always maintaining a safe distance and moderate speeds.

If you plan to venture into Serra da Estrela or other mountainous regions, consider renting a more robust and comfortable car, with winter tires and/or snow chains.

When traveling with children, remember to:

  • Check the condition of the child seats before the trip;
  • Take regular breaks while driving;
  • Have a list of songs, car games ideas, and snacks always at hand!

Bags packed and coats on, have fun on this journey!

With Drivalia, every kilometer is a new story. And in Portugal, winter offers the perfect setting for the most beautiful memories.

So, when the cold arrives, let yourself be enchanted by the Portuguese winter. Rent your car, venture on the road, and create memories that will last forever.

Safe travels!

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