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Discover the best rental cars in Porto for a weekend trip!

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Porto was voted the best city destination in the world in 2022 by the World Travel Awards, outranking iconic cities such as New York and London! A contemporary city graced by the Douro River, unique monuments, and stories on every corner! There's so much to discover that renting a car in Porto is the best way to enjoy a weekend in this charming city!

Find the ideal car and plan your route! Check out our suggestions and find out why Porto was the winning city!

Is it worth renting a car for a weekend trip to Porto?

Absolutely! Convenience, freedom, and time-saving are the main advantages of renting a car for your weekend in Porto!

While the city offers a good public transport network, time is short to depend on pre-established schedules. There's nothing better than having unlimited mobility, even to explore less touristy places!

If you're arriving by plane, you can rent a car at Porto's airport and start enjoying this enchanting city!

What are the best cars to rent in Porto and explore the city?

To have the best experience ever, choose the most suitable vehicle to rent in Porto and make your trip worth it! Here are some suggestions:

1 - Economical Cars


Travelling alone or as a couple? Renting economy-class cars in Porto is an excellent choice! Usually, the rental is cheaper. They are small vehicles and easy to park in the tightest spots! Ideal for exploring bustling cities like the Invicta!

2 - Compact Vehicles


Want to spend some fun days with friends or explore the city with little ones? Then you need to ensure comfort for all. Renting vans in Porto or compact vehicles are great options. In addition to being efficient, they have up to 5 seats and space for hand luggage in the boot!

3 - Luxury Cars


Renting cars in Porto can turn your weekend into a unique experience of refinement and style, that will never be forgotten! Choose a luxury car if you want to surprise someone special or simply enjoy driving a unique vehicle, combining elegance with high technology and comfort!

5 must-see places on the Porto weekend itinerary!

Now that you know the best car rental options in Porto, discover what this city has in store for you!

1 - Livraria Lello & Irmão


A must-see stop for Harry Potter fans and others alike. One of the most beautiful bookshops in the world! A unique setting featuring the curves of the wooden staircase lined in red, giving it the magical atmosphere that inspired J.K Rowling!

2 - Majestic Café


Let yourself be carried away by the "Belle Époque" atmosphere of this internationally renowned place where elegance, charm, and refinement meet in a single leisure space! Here, a cimbalino (espresso coffee) always goes well with a book or a good conversation!

3 - São Bento Railway Station


The art painted on the tile panels lining the walls of this station is of unmissable beauty! It's a place that needs to be seen and photographed, to be shared on your social networks!

4 - Porto Cathedral


The construction of the cathedral dates back to the 12th century and, in times of battles, it served to protect the city from invaders. This Romanesque-Gothic architectural work fascinates lovers of ancient and grand religious monuments!

5 - Palácio da Bolsa


After the fire that left the Convent of S. Francisco in ruins, the Porto Commercial Association built this magnificent neoclassical construction! Be dazzled by the refinement and nobility of the Arabian Hall, one of the most beautiful palaces in Porto!

There's so much to discover in this city that has the Douro River at its feet! So, if you have extra time, add to your list:

  • Bolhão Market;
  • D. Luís I Bridge;
  • Port Wine Cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia;
  • Clérigos Tower;
  • Crystal Palace Gardens;
  • Foz do Douro: nightlife, bars, and clubs;
  • Ribeira: terraces, restaurants, and bars.

If you have more than two days to stroll, it's even better! For instance, during the holidays, rent a vehicle in Porto and also explore the north of the country!

How to rent a car in Porto?

Enjoy a weekend in one of the most beautiful cities in the world without worries, rent the car online and in advance. Then, you only need to pick up the vehicle at the car rental desk at Porto's airport or in the city centre!

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